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About Dajohn Enterprises Ltd

Dajohn Enterprises Ltd, is Kenya’s leading supplier of school based chemicals, laboratory equipments, furniture, stationery and general institutional infrastructure.

We have been exporters, importers, manufactures, distributors, wholesalers, stockists and suppliers of this products since 1981.

We offer our products and services within and outside East Africa to government institutions, parastatals, universities, hospitals, collages, secondary schools and suppliers.

Management Policy

A Key element of our company as a key supply chain manager is corporate governance and sector compliance.

We pride ourselves with conforming to local and international laws. Policies and regulations governing our business and relates operations.

At Danjon Enterprises Ltd, we conduct our business with honesty and integrity. We maintain high standards in all areas to improve the economy of our country and region.

We have a dynamic management team that is committed to obtaining the best possible results so that the accumulated benefits can be passed on to the consumers through offering a wide range of quality products and services in an accessible and affordable way hence providing excellent services and benefits.

Quality Policy

To ensure a clear focus on quality of our products and services and continued improvement of the same from time to time.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to create a chain of superstores in major towns delivering quality, value, service and style.

Vision Statement

We aim at providing the largest variety and highest quality of local and international brands at reasonable and uniform prices in the region, with unmatched service provide by warm, friendly and helpful staff in a modern environment for a pleasant shopping experience.

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